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About Jan

The ACA Health Insurance Marketplace website, known as, has been providing insurance coverage since 2014 by federal mandate.

Plans provided by the healthcare marketplace are only affordable for those who are qualified for tax credits, known as subsidies. Those who have serious, pre-existing conditions are unable to qualify for less expensive alternative plans. In 2019, the Trump administration eliminated the mandate to have an ACA plan and removed tax penalties for not having an ACA policy. This site allows you to shop for alternative plans with affordable rates. I am happy to bring you the best insurance options!

My agency has been in the health insurance business since 1981. With technology, I am able to provide you with a quote and enroll you online into your choice of plan, many available at lower cost. Please look at the United Healthcare Golden Rule and the National General options under the Products tab above. Both have affordable solutions that will provide you the coverage needed and the ability to customize your solution to fit you and your family’s needs. Please contact me through my Contact Page and I will call you back to answer all your questions and to help you enroll.

Insurance is vital for people of all ages. Medicare for seniors age 65 and over and disabled people need to get the best care from plans designed to fit their needs. Please contact me directly to discuss which plan would be right for you and your loved ones. Call me at 1-855-629-9343 or email me at[email protected]. Thank you!